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Maintenance and storage are vital factors for the life-span of all types of batteries. Make sure to read the information printed on the front face of the batteries.


Never use a lead-acid charger for lithium batteries and vice versa.

Increase charging intervals according to the age of the battery. Older batteries need to be charged more often and trickle-charged when stored for a long time.


Please note the storage temperatures written on the front face of the batteries. Lead-acid can be stored with 100% capacity whereas lithium batteries should be stored with approximately 50% of the total capacity.

Determination of the battery age

The code on the top of the battery gives information about the production year and month, please check the first digit and letter to identify the production date:

Digit 1123456789   



For non-prefilled batteries the production date refers to the plastic block of the battery, it does not give information about the date when the battery was filled.

Manufacturer’s warranty

All batteries are as of 31.12.2018 excluded from the ROTAX manufacturer’s warranty. This applies for all lead-acid batteries (e.g. 265516 and 265518) and all lithium batteries (e.g. 265030).

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In this information we summarize all parity improvements implemented in all Dell’Orto carburetors (295060, 295062).

Venturi and carburetor body:

  • Improved venturi alignment in the throttle body to reduce turbulence.
  • Venturi geometry was improved as depicted in figure 1.
  • Carburetor body casting finish improved due to tooling renewal.

Figure 1-Carb body & venturi

Float level and venturi gasket:

  • Implementation of a 100% end of line inspection of the float level to increase the ease of use and ensure parity of the product – see figure 2.
  • Improved assembly process for venturi gasket to make sure that the venturi gasket is not impeding the hole – see figure 3.
carb2  Figure 2 – 100% end of line inspectioncarb3  Figure 3 – gasket installation

Fuel filter (kit):

  • Omission of the fuel filter (pos.32) for all accessory and spare parts.
  • The fuel sieve kit (pos. 32-34) is still available for order as a spare part for e.g. raffle engines (ROTAX PN 268042).

Please note:

All changes have been taken into consideration in the latest Global Technical Regulations (see section below).

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Content of improvements

This improvement in addition to the crank case bearing fixation should enhance balance drive durability significantly.

The teeth width of the starter gear (part no. 434 844) has been increased by around 50% and the teeth width of the balance gear (part no. 365 749) by around 20% (see Figure 1: Increased teeth width). Through this, Rotax have been able to achieve a high quality and smoothed tooth surface.


IMPORTANT: Starter gear (part no. 434 844) is only compatible with balance gear (part no. 635 749). Make sure you exchange the improved balance and starter gear pairwise!

Engines will be equipped with the improved parts as of engine serial number 8643405 and are available as spare parts.

Installation of Balance drive

Install the balance drive as described in the Repair Manual 125 MAX DD2 evo in sections “Installation of balance gear” and “Installation of starter gear”.  Due to corrosion protection it is necessary to completely degrease the three M6 threads (see Figure 2: M6 threads) inside the starter gear using an appropriate cleaning agent (e.g. brake cleaner). This is required to ensure a proper hardening of the Loctite to fix the clutch to the starter gear. ROTAX will not accept any warranty claims for failures caused by non-degreased starter gear threads.