In this information we summarize all parity improvements implemented in all Dell’Orto carburetors (295060, 295062).

Venturi and carburetor body:

  • Improved venturi alignment in the throttle body to reduce turbulence.
  • Venturi geometry was improved as depicted in figure 1.
  • Carburetor body casting finish improved due to tooling renewal.

Figure 1-Carb body & venturi

Float level and venturi gasket:

  • Implementation of a 100% end of line inspection of the float level to increase the ease of use and ensure parity of the product – see figure 2.
  • Improved assembly process for venturi gasket to make sure that the venturi gasket is not impeding the hole – see figure 3.
carb2  Figure 2 – 100% end of line inspectioncarb3  Figure 3 – gasket installation

Fuel filter (kit):

  • Omission of the fuel filter (pos.32) for all accessory and spare parts.
  • The fuel sieve kit (pos. 32-34) is still available for order as a spare part for e.g. raffle engines (ROTAX PN 268042).

Please note:

All changes have been taken into consideration in the latest Global Technical Regulations (see section below).

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